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It's that time of the year again sweethearts! Estrella KL Year End Sale is happening now from 26/11/21-19/12/21. If we could advice everyone when is the right time to shop…it will be now, now is the right time. Don’t you just feel suspicious to shop and to find your wish-list items are on a great bargain! Our Year End Sale (Y.E.S) includes New Collection and the items with the season that’s about to end. Up to 70% OFF, you need to add to cart now and buy more for less Opsie ! Most of our 70% OFF items includes top and pants are sold out within a day after the sale begin. Who don't want to purchase right? The price...

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 F I V E  T H I N G S  Y O U  N E E D  T O  K N O W  T O D A Y Starting a brand especially in the clothing line involves a large amount of effort, sweat, tears, sweetness, and bitterness. Challenges will undoubtedly arise, particularly if it’s your first time starting a business, but that should not stop you from following your passion and pursuing your dreams. If you know your heart is in the fashion industry, you owe it to yourself to do everything possible to make your own clothing line a reality. Every brand has a story, and here’s a bit about Estrella KL's story…Let’s begin with answering the most frequently...

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