A sudden burst of inspiration begins with the “eureka” moment, it started when we imagine on government lifting the interstate travel restrictions so everyone can meet their loved ones and go for a wonderful holiday. Hence, we aim to create an affordable, exquisite, and most importantly comfortable long dress. First launched in August 2021 and it gone in a blink of eyes once released. Blessed and honored, we launch the Victoria Long Dress again in October 2021, with an additional color. If you can’t wait to own it, visit our website estrellakl.com.my and purchase now loves.




Whether you’re headed to short getaway or embarking on long holiday around the islands, a vacation is exciting when you can still slay your fashion outfit comfortably. As seen on @nanna_asani, when we first saw her in Victoria Long Dress in off white style with wide brim straw hat, we’re so amaze how stunningly gorgeous she is. It’s so effortless and timeless. With or without accessory, we believe, you will rock this dress too!





Oh and another styling tips for you girls, if you prefer a classic yet princessy look, just add your basic belt around the waistline and a sunglasses to embrace the whole look.  






Steal Dr Siti Syaima Halim style and wear Victoria Long Dress in Beige. If you’re someone who like neutral counterparts, beige colour is a “must have” for you. It’s balance everything together. Glamourous, classy yet stylish. If you want a perfect snitched look, this dress is defo created for you. It can be styled effortlessly with a pair of flat or sneakers for a day look and high heels for a night look.

Victoria Long Dress in Blush. We always get asked which colour they should purchase? As they get confused to buy, either in Beige or Blush. We will advise to buy both because the colour definitely different and you need more than one dress anyway. *Giggling. Well, Beige is sweet, Blush is sweeter, even sweeter than honey. If you need to see your mother-in-law for the first time, choose Blush. The date will turn out well, trust us! *Tee-hee









Victoria Long Dress in Black is always ready for you and your impromptu holiday! Things are getting back to normal and some of us love spontaneous getaways to rejuvenate yourself, hence, this long Black dress is all you need. No one ever looks bad in black. So, there’s really no reason to not wear it, especially this Victoria Long Dress in Black




If one thing you should not worried about Victoria Long Dress is the cutting. It’s flowy and the versatility of the cuts means the dress can be flattering to all body type. Trust us, this dress is suitable women of all ages and sizes. Visit our Instagram @estrella.kl and get to see the comparison on how different sizes still can fits the dress perfectly. We can’t emphasize more on how we this dress, you got to own it girls!

Heading to our website estrellakl.com.my to purchase and be pretty instantly, we have more than just a perfect dress for you. Don’t forget to OOTD and tag our Instagram @estrella.kl! Xoxo!