F I V E  T H I N G S  Y O U  N E E D  T O  K N O W  T O D A Y

Starting a brand especially in the clothing line involves a large amount of effort, sweat, tears, sweetness, and bitterness. Challenges will undoubtedly arise, particularly if it’s your first time starting a business, but that should not stop you from following your passion and pursuing your dreams. If you know your heart is in the fashion industry, you owe it to yourself to do everything possible to make your own clothing line a reality. Every brand has a story, and here’s a bit about Estrella KL's story…Let’s begin with answering the most frequently asked questions on our Instagram Stories.

 1. Where did the name ‘Estrella’ come from?

The right name can be a brand’s most precious asset. Did you know Estrella means 'star' in Spanish? Yes, it means STAR. When the founders first thought of the name Estrella,  it wasn’t just because it sounds fun or looks pretty; they viewed the brand as their baby and the name represents their business journey. Starting from a small office, they were driven by the motivation to eventually be a star in Malaysia and in their customers’ heart, hence, they finally decided that ‘Estrella’ was the best name to describe the brand.

Estrella KL (previously known as Estrella) was established in 2016 by young fashion enthusiasts who thought it would be nice to share their common love for feminine tones and fabrics with the world. Neither of them has any background/experience in fashion, it was their passion and determination that kept them going.


There are no specific criteria when it comes to physical characteristics, when choosing models. Our brand is all about bringing back the girl-next-door look: sweet, playful, yet modest at the same time. We occasionally scout for a new Face of Estrella, so if you are interested, keep a close watch on our Instagram! (Tip: it helps if you love taking pretty OOTD’s and posting them on your IG feed. We love looking at our customers' profiles 😜)


One can never go wrong with pastels and florals, be it plain pastels or patterned pastels, they are undoubtedly mood lifting and cheerful, but in a calm, sweet and gentle way. The truth is… they are close to the founders' heart. They love all things girly lol, well, it’s hard to resist the beauty of pastels and florals, right?

5. How does Estrella come up with the designs? Is there any source of inspiration?

 Truth be told, the founders design clothes that they, themselves, love to wear. They love to explore unique styles and play with different fabrics, taking inspiration from their travels, nature, magazines, and movies. Yes, inspiration can come from anywhere, but what matters is how one interprets them and transforms them into designs that their customers love. Estrella focuses on sweet, girly pastel designs and they have preserved that original concept till this day, because the founders believe that the brand identity is what their customers love most about Estrella.