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TOGETHER WE'RE STRONGER The other day while sitting with the team, brainstorming our Raya Campaign 2021, our long hours of discussions made us realize that even though we’re all from different backgrounds, synergizing as a team rather than working as individuals brings out the best results. Then it hit us, why not apply the same concept to our Raya Campaign this year? What about a collaboration?  Being dependent in one industry will only narrow opportunities, thus, we would need to look outside of the fashion industry. Let’s look for industries going through similar struggles during this pandemic and join forces, because a collaborative effort working towards one aim will achieve better results. Hence, the birth of our Raya Campaign, “Together...

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 F I V E  T H I N G S  Y O U  N E E D  T O  K N O W  T O D A Y Starting a brand especially in the clothing line involves a large amount of effort, sweat, tears, sweetness, and bitterness. Challenges will undoubtedly arise, particularly if it’s your first time starting a business, but that should not stop you from following your passion and pursuing your dreams. If you know your heart is in the fashion industry, you owe it to yourself to do everything possible to make your own clothing line a reality. Every brand has a story, and here’s a bit about Estrella KL's story…Let’s begin with answering the most frequently...

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Here, we share with you OOTD photos from our beloved customers. Get inspired by their style, snap your very own Estrella OOTD, and your photo just might be featured here too! Just tag us at @estrella.kl or use our hashtag #estrellakl  

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