How to sign up?
Just click Login at our front page and key in your email address. Click Next and there's a message to create a password for first time login.

How to purchase?
Shop online by adding items to cart and subsequently, proceed to checkout.

Payment method?
Payments can either be made via our online payment gateway through FPX, via credit card via SenangPay or via Cash deposit/ATM transfer.

Cash deposit/ ATM transfer: for customers who want to transfer manually from their online banking account. Customers who have made manual payments are required to e-mail the receipt for verification purposes.

All manual payments should be made to:


Once payment has been made, all receipts should be e-mailed to: sales@estrellakl.com.my

Your order will be reserved for 48 hours after you have placed your order. If you fail to make payment within the 48-hour period, your order will be automatically discarded.