The other day while sitting with the team, brainstorming our Raya Campaign 2021, our long hours of discussions made us realize that even though we’re all from different backgrounds, synergizing as a team rather than working as individuals brings out the best results. Then it hit us, why not apply the same concept to our Raya Campaign this year? What about a collaboration? 

Being dependent in one industry will only narrow opportunities, thus, we would need to look outside of the fashion industry. Let’s look for industries going through similar struggles during this pandemic and join forces, because a collaborative effort working towards one aim will achieve better results. Hence, the birth of our Raya Campaign, “Together We Are Stronger". After going back and forth through our list, we finally decided to approach bakers and those from the florist industry. Thus, it is with great pleasure to have Mekareka, Artsy & Tartsy, and Petik Bunga on board for our Raya Campaign 2021 – Together We Are Stronger. 

It is not easy planning a photoshoot during this pandemic, what with all the restrictions, but as imagined, we had so much fun! From discussing photoshoot details, setting up the backdrops by each individual label and the recording the interview session.  We loved every part of this campaign and we hope you love it as much as we  did. 




M E K A R   C O L L E C T I O N

We released 8 beautiful colours with a floral concept named “Mekar” in honour of our collaboration with Mekareka, our first florist for the campaign. Their “Florist Shop” concept as their backdrop was the perfect setting to shoot this collection. The fresh flowers set up by Mrs Shazleen Md Affandi, the owner of Mekareka, complemented our Mekar collection perfectly. Funfact: their set up was assembled only 40 minutes before we began the shoot. Here's the link for you to know more about their sweet label and the collections! Interview Session with Mekareka




 D E L C Y   C O L L E C T I O N

Euphoria – A state of intensely happiness. That’s how Artsy &  Tartsy’s  photoshoot session made us feel. Not exaggerating LOL. Artsy & Tartsy is a company lead by Mrs Shasha. She bakes the prettiest cakes and desserts. And yes, desserts, lots and lots of desserts were the theme for Artsy & Tartsy’s shoot for our Delcy Collection. Our adorable and easy breezy Delcy design comes in six pastel shades. This set was made to be versatile, perfect for Raya open houses, events, as well as casual occasions. It has to be yours. Btw, if you want to know more about the owner Mrs Shasha, here's the link for you to watch their interview. Bon Appetit! Interview Session with Artsy & Tartsy


E S H A L  C O L L E C T I O N

Petik Bunga, is another ambitious florist. We were so impressed by their  determination to try out something new, something that they have never done before. They decided to stick to a minimalist concept which included a charming combination of flowers and leaves to form a cloud: a flower cloud. Their setup plus our Eshal Floral Wrap Collection = perfection.Our wrap Collection comes in 3 different colour combinations, all with a floral concept to complement this dreamy floral setup. Oh, not to forget, here’s a link for you to know more about the owner, the challenge and what keeps her motivated to pursue her dreams. Interview Session with Petik Bunga


 Dear girls, remember, you are not alone in this journey, we have each other. If we support one another, we can surely get through all challenges together.

“Together We Are Stronger”